Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gladitorial Combat with the Greens!

Cheer for the home team in gladitorial combat in the 22nd Century New Roman Empire!
Our heroes (from left to right): the Minigunner, the Sniper, the Squad Leader, the Plasma Gunner and the Grunt.

Today's match: The Greens versus the dreaded Space Orx and the dastardly Reaction Marines.

Highlights from SportsCenter:
A close-up of the dashing Squad Leader. Don't worry folks! Despite being carried off the field on a stretcher in the first period after being gutted by Reaction Marine buzzsaws and grenades, he's perfectly all right! Just a few dends and broken servos in his power armor.

The sniper in his blind. He promised to put a bullet in the Reaction Marine Enforcer's head and kill him before the end of the match, and that's exactly what he did, folks!
The view from the far corner as the Space Orx charge the Reaction Marines, with fire support from our heroes! The headless Enforcer can be seen at the bottom. That Ork rifleman is dead folks; he just doesn't know it yet!
Only the Kid and the Orc Chaingunner survived!

The MVP moment! The Plasma Gunner roasts both the Orc Lieutenant and the Reaction Marine Barion Cloud Gunner!

That's all for SportCenter folks. Stay tuned for the details of next week's match! For those interested, front row tickets have just become available, as soon as they finish cleaning up rows one through five.

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