Friday, February 24, 2012

Regiment Languedoc, 1672 - WIP #3

I decided on a 20mmx20mm base, the same size my English Civil War infantry will be based upon. I generally use Litko for all of my gaming bases - they're nice, laser cut (so they all match) and I like the finish that the laser cutting process puts on the edges. I also use their "Flex Steel" bases so that the bases can be magnetically stuck in my storage cases. Because the flex steel are not as precisely cut as the plywood, I went with a slightly smaller 15mmx15mm

Here the figure is glued to the base:

My basing style has changed noticably. It used to be just paint the base, stick it in flock, seal it. With 25mm figures (or, really, any figure with a substantially large base) that's not a viable option.

First up, I use spackle to level off the base. I use DAP's Drydex Dry Time Indicator Spackling - it goes on pink, and when it's fully white, it's ready to be worked with. As shown here:
Next, I paint the base Ceramcoat's Mississippi Mud. I do this mainly in case the later gravel doesn't stick.
Then I brush on watered down Elmer's Glue-All and dip the base in model railroading ballast. It's so long I've forgotten the correct name of the Woodland Scenics product.
I normally then wash the gravel with Games Workshop's Flesh Wash. Unfortunately, my bottle is almost empty, and GW has stopped making it (or, at least, I can't find it). So, since the 1672 figure is partially a test of certain combinations (like painting grays I will need for Sir Henry Bard's Regiment of Foote), I decided I could test a new ink for the base. I picked up a bottle of Speedwell's Burnt Umber ink instead. I was a bit dubious, but it looks like it dried just fine:
Then two more stages of dry-brushing. First with Delta Ceramcoat's Teddy Bear Brown:
Then Delta Ceramcoat Bamboo:
Finally, just add static grass. I use a combination of Games Workshop and Gale Force 9 static grass. Sometimes I'll glue rocks or other bits on as well. I feel as if I should have this time.

Here's the finished figure:
Everything's done except for sealing - which awaits better weather. You can see this musketeer from Languedoc alongside my current project: command for Sir William Waller's Regiment of Dragoons.


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Lots of great color...nice work

Anonymous said...


It was a joy to paint. Everything just flowed nicely. I hadn't realized just how much fun gray could be.

I'm especially proud of the blue cuffs. I'd been looking for the right shade of blue for the Bourbons, and I had seen some examples of other people's work I liked, but hadn't quite figured out how to do it. Now I have, and I am seriously tempted by a French regiment in blue coats.

DeanM said...

Very nice painting and basing; at first I though it was a 54mm figure. Best, Dean

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Cell phone cameras have come a long long way . . .

Hopefully I'll have more photos soon.