Friday, December 21, 2012

Rumors of the demise of my miniatures in the recent Mayan Apocalypse are greatly overrated

I'm still painting, I promise!

A lot of work has actually been done, the problem is that not a lot of it has been photographed!

Since May, I have finished the following:
General vignette: 1x 28mm A&A mounted Sassanid officer, 1x 28mm A&A mounted Clibinarii converted to a standard bearer and 1x 28mm Gripping Beast musician

Injurius Games Mecks:
1x 28mm Jumper robot
2x 28mm Spartan robots
2x 28mm Runner robots
2x 28mm rocket pods
3x 28mm autocannon mounts
2x 28mm microwaver arms
2x 28mm laser arms
2x 28mm twin laser turrets
1x28mm Street Rat Grenadier
All from Red Shirt Games

Baluchi Mercenaries:
1x 28mm Baluchi Swordsman on Foot (Foundry)
4x 28mm Baluchi Matchlockmen on Foot (Foundry)

30x 28mm Masai purchased at Origins (Foundry)
1x 28mm Masai leader (Foundry)

7th Cavalry:
28mm Captain Tom Custer (Foundry), mounted and dismounted
28mm Scout Charley Reynolds (Foundry), mounted and dismounted
28mm Sgt. Robert Hughes, Custer's personal guidon bearer (Foundry), mounted and dismounted
28mm Regimental Sergeant Major Sharrow (Foundry conversion), mounted and dismounted
28mm Chief Trumpeter Voss (Artizan), mounted and dismounted
28mm Orderly Trumpeter Giovanni Martini (H Troop), (Foundry), mounted and dismounted
28mm 2nd Lt. William van Wyck Reily (XO F Troop), (Artizan), mounted and dismounted
28mm Private John Burkman, Custer's Striker (Company L), (Foundry), mounted and dismounted
28mm Corporal John Briody (F Troop Guidon Bearer),  (Artizan), mounted and dismounted

8 palm trees  scratch built from Michaels' Boston ferns.

I also have the 12 Copplestone sailors that just need their bases flocked. The problem has been photography. With the closure of my LGS and my own camera issues, I've been reduced to photos on the painting table with my cell phone, which are less than satisfactory. So, I promise, there will be more photos once I get enough terrain done for a good photo shoot. I may post a teaser of the conversion work needed for RSM Sharrow over the weekend.

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