Monday, January 6, 2014

Fortnight Theme Bonus Round 2: January 5 - Villains

Well, my original plan was to submit some Mahdists for the Villain Theme. Then again, my plan was also to finish up the Safari into Danger! for the Non-Combatants round, and yet they still need finishing and submitting.

Anyway, I was scrambling for a submission Thursday/Friday, and I chanced on the pack of Reaper lion and lionesses I picked up a year and change ago:

When searching for a villain idea, I decided upon Scar, from The Lion King. Looking at the mini, you can see the rocks sculpted on the base, suitable for many of the positions Scar would take, up on high ledges. A quick bit of Googling gave me the necessary colorations:
 And here's the result:

I went with a more generic coloring for the lioness. I painted a lighter skin tone, the same as Scar's paws and muzzle. 

There was a small bit of flash on the lioness' muzzle that I didn't catch until she was almost completely painted. I tried making it into a scar, with some pink and white paint, but I'm not sure how well that turned out. You can see it best in the side by side.
Well, that's the first official entry in, for a net 60 points (5 each for the figures, and 50 for the Villain theme). Onward!


Andrew Saunders said...

nice work Rob

DeanM said...

Great looking felines! I like them both, but the lioness is very nice. Dean

Rob said...


I'm not too pleased with the photos - my point and shoot wasn't working, so I had to use my cell phone, so the pics could be better.

But the painting was easy, especially on the lioness: prime, shadow, dry brush, paint eyes and nose, then base. Done in an hour of work, and a couple hours waiting for spackle and glue to dry.

The hard part will be expanding the pride of lions at a reasonable price - I don't need any male lions (though I should probably paint up Mustafa), and I don't like any of the lioness only figures I've seen.

Curt C said...

Great work Rob. I really liked your approach to the Villain round (and I really like your Freddie Sykes that you did up for me - thank you!).

Ray Rousell said...

Nice work Rob I liked these a lot!

Rob said...