Saturday, January 24, 2015

First Challenge Submission Completed

Per Curt's 24hr publication embargo with respect to personal blogs, my first bit of challenge material has been photographed and submitted. All the gory details of who, what and how can be seen at the Challenge Blog site.

Since I seem to have serious troubles taking decent photographs for the blog of anything but the Painting Countertop, I had a buddy of mine shoot some photos. With a tiny bit of photoshopping, there were some pretty splendid ones. This is my favorite shot:

Otherwise, painting progress continues, as I struggle to attain 200pts by March 20.


DeanM said...

Very nice work - the billowing smoke stacks are a winner.

Robert Herrick said...

Thanks! It's cotton from cotton balls, superguled into place, painted with watered down glue, then either painted black for coal smoke, or washed gray for oil smoke.

It's a pain, but it looks good when finished!